Why you should avoid the fake news

Fake news is the enemy of truth.

What you need to know about the news.

article When the news starts to sound too good to be true, people will stop reading it.

Fake news isn’t just about the quality of the information, it’s also about the fact that it’s so convincing that it convinces you that it is.

That’s why fake news is so dangerous.

We have a lot of people who trust news that is so credible that they’ll accept it as fact.

That makes fake news a problem for our democracy.

And that’s why we need to make sure that we keep this information out of the public domain.

So how do we make sure this information isn’t being passed around without verification?

The easiest way is to use the new, new and better-sounding fake news detection tools that have emerged in recent years.

The tools we’ve been using are called ContentID and the company behind them is called FactCheck.

You can download the tools from their website.

We’ll cover them in a minute.

But first, let’s look at some of the new features that FactCheck brings to the table.

They allow people to quickly see if content they’re viewing is actually real news.

So you could check if the news story you’re reading actually says something like this: The Greek sports news website P4S reports that Greece has hired a former Australian sports agent as its head of communications.

The new hire is the head of sports at the Greek Basketball Federation.

This means that the news article says that the Greek basketball federation is hiring former Australian Sports agent James Anderson as their new Head of Communications.

This is what the news source says: Australia is hiring James Anderson, former Australian agent for the Greek Olympic Team.

James Anderson is now the head coach of the Australian Olympic Basketball Team, and the new hire will be an integral part of the program.

James is a former NBA player who has coached the Australian National Basketball Team in the past.

James was the team’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Basketball Operations and was also the head basketball operations coach for the Australian men’s national basketball team.

He also served as an assistant coach for Australia’s national team.

James has been an ambassador for the game of basketball in Australia for nearly 20 years, having worked in the NBA and Major League Soccer.

He was also a member of the NBA’s Board of Governors from 2004-2010.

He has also worked for the World Baseball Classic and the World Series of Poker, and was the Director of Development for the USA Basketball National Team.

He is the author of The Best of James Anderson: Inside the Life of an NBA Basketball Agent, and he has coached Australian teams at the NBA, NHL, and World Baseball.

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