Why was the NFL not prosecuted in connection with the 2016 attack on an Israeli baseball player?

In March of 2017, a Palestinian man named Khaled Elshamy hit a Israeli baseball fan in the head with a pitch, killing him.

Elshamys death sent shockwaves across Israel, and his death was widely seen as a terrorist attack.

Elsamy’s death sparked protests in the United States, but there was no federal investigation.

The NFL was investigated in 2018, and was found to have violated its policies regarding domestic violence, but was later found not guilty of violating its domestic violence policy.

The league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, later apologized to the Elshams family, but his statement was viewed by some as insufficient.

The commissioner has since resigned from the league.

Elisheyan’s case is far from over, and the NFL will likely continue to face scrutiny from Congress and other authorities in the months ahead.

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