Why The Jets are back! We’ll be talking the Jets on Sports Illustrated’s “SportsBeat” podcast!

A few months back, the Jets announced that they were going to be taking over the team’s official Twitter account.

After a long wait, we got our first look at the new account, and now we know a lot more about what to expect.

The official Twitter handle is @NewYorkJets, and it’s all very generic, with an avatar of a man sitting on a couch and wearing a white coat.

The tweets themselves are short, and very generic.

Here’s what you need to know about it:1.

It’s a brand new account.

It will be renamed to the Jets, the team said.

It won’t use the same handle, which means the name will change every time a team changes their logo.

The new Jets account will be different than the ones the Jets used in 2015.2.

The Jets aren’t going to have a new name, just a new logo.

This means fans can be very excited to see the team get a brand-new logo, but it’s not a complete redesign.

The logo itself is just a little more of a logo, with a bit more color and a bit of a “New York” feel.

The team said that it is trying to stay true to the “Giants” brand, and will retain a lot of the New York City-centric elements of the Giants logo.3.

The New York Jets are going to use a logo that is based on the “Hills” logo, which is used by the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings’ current logo uses a little bit of the “Hill” logo and is more similar to the Giants’ current name.

The “Horns” logo has been used by many teams over the years, including the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.

The Eagles used this logo during their last season in Philadelphia.

The team also plans to use the Giants “Jets” logo for its uniforms, which it has done before.

They’re also going to keep the logo they used on their uniforms, as well as a version of the logo that uses the Giants name.

This new logo is much more unique than the “J” logo.4.

The design for the Jets uniforms will look very similar to that of the Minnesota uniform, which was worn by the team in the 2015 season.

The Giants logo will be the only similarity to the Vikings’ uniforms.5.

The current Jets uniforms feature a number of elements that are similar to those of the NFL’s current uniform, but with a lot fewer elements.

The jerseys are a little larger, and the pants have more padding.

The pants are a bit thinner, and they’re also a little lighter.

The new Jets uniforms are going up for a limited time, and fans are encouraged to look for the new logo before they do.

The old Jets jerseys will go on sale starting April 7, while the new Jets jerseys go on market June 30.

The teams will have to make sure that fans have enough time to purchase the new uniforms before they go on the market.

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