Which NHL team is best at scoring goals?

The NHL has been doing a great job of finding the right scoring partners, with both Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby the top scorers in league history.

But some teams are better at it than others.

There are a lot of ways to score goals, but the best way to score points is by taking the puck deep and making a good pass.

If you can find the puck in a passing lane, then there is no need to take it all the way to the net.

Here are the five best NHL teams in terms of scoring: 1.

Edmonton Oilers: Tyler Ennis, D, Edmonton Oilers (2014-15) I’ve written extensively about Ennis before.

In fact, I’ll do a separate post for this player in my next post.

Ennis is a physical presence in the offensive zone who makes a lot more than you would expect from someone who plays for the team that drafted him.

He has tremendous strength, and can use that to get through defenders with ease.

He also has a great shot, which he’s demonstrated on multiple occasions.

He’s also got great vision and passing skills, which make him a dangerous offensive weapon.

His two goals against the New York Rangers were very reminiscent of his goals against Boston in 2014-15.

The Oilers were a team that played very hard to win and that made Ennis a natural fit for their offense.

He played a similar style of hockey to McDavid, which is why he was a good fit.


New York Islanders: Mikhail Grabovski, C, New York Islanders (2016-17) Grabovski was a late-round pick by the Islanders in the 2017 NHL Draft.

His first year in the NHL was a mixed bag.

He scored 19 goals in 62 games, but had some struggles.

In 2016-17, he scored 28 goals in 61 games, and he was very productive.

Grabou’s scoring ability was on full display during the playoffs against the Buffalo Sabres, where he scored a goal in overtime.

After being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2018, Grabovskis first season in the AHL was a very disappointing one.

He had a very good first year with the Islanders, but he didn’t have much success.


Washington Capitals: Marcus Johansson, D/RW, Washington Capitals (2015-16) Johansson is a big body who has great vision in the neutral zone.

He’s able to move the puck around and get a good first pass on an opponent’s net, and then quickly turn around and score with his speed.

Johansson is also a great skater, as he uses his size and reach to bully opponents into giving him a pass.

He often gets caught in the middle of play, but his speed and ability to beat opponents down the ice makes him a threat.


Boston Bruins: Milan Lucic, D-LW, Boston Bruins (2015) Lucic was a second-round draft pick by Boston in the 2015 NHL Draft, and his first season was a total disappointment.

He didn’t score a goal during the regular season, and it was during the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Detroit Red Wings that he did have a goal.

He went 0-for-3 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Montreal Canadiens.

However, Lucic showed signs of potential this season, scoring nine goals in 33 games for the Bruins, and had one assist during the series against the Red Wings.


Nashville Predators: Mikko Rantanen, D+/RW/LW/D, Nashville Predators (2014) The Predators have the best power play in the league, and Rantanaen is one of the best players on the team.

He can create offense off the rush, and has shown a knack for creating offense in the defensive zone.

Rantananen has an incredible shot from the point, which makes him dangerous for any team that is able to use him.

If you can get him in a pass lane, he can score a few goals and add a couple assists.

He may be a bit undersized, but if you can put him in an offensive zone and make him work, then he’s a fantastic player.


New Jersey Devils: Mattias Backman, C/RW and D, New Jersey Devil (2013-14) Backman is a very talented player who can create scoring chances.

He is a great passer, and is a solid two-way player.

He plays hard on the puck and is very willing to fight for the puck.

He will find a way to put the puck into the net, especially if he has a teammate who can make the save.

But Backman is best when he is in the slot.

If he is not in the spot, he doesn’t score much.

He needs to play more

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