When do you get your first Google Glass?

Google Glass is coming to the U.S. in September and is expected to be an instant hit.

The wearable device has garnered an enormous amount of hype since its unveiling at Google I/O last year.

Now, we can expect to see it on the market in just a matter of months.

Google Glass was revealed at Google’s developer conference and was shown off at its official event.

But the device has a number of hurdles to clear before it can hit the market.

Here’s what you need to know about the Google Glass wearable, its upcoming launch and what it can do.1.

Google said Google Glass will be compatible with Android Wear smartwatches and compatible with most of the devices Google Glass users have already tried.2.

Google announced the first Google wearable, Glass, on stage.

The Glass app was created with the help of Google Glass and was released on Tuesday.3.

Google also announced that Glass will have a number for Glass-compatible devices.

Glass, which is made from glass, will work with most Android Wear devices.

For example, Glass will work on the Motorola Moto 360, the Sony Xperia Z1, the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Samsung Gear Live.

Google’s wearable is designed for wearables that include an accelerometer and gyroscope, and will be able to recognize gestures.4.

Google has been hard at work on Google Glass.

In February, the company said Glass will support Android Wear.

That means Glass can be worn on the wrist, in a pocket or on a belt.

Google added that Glass can also be worn as a standalone device, as well as worn over the ear or on the forehead.5.

Google plans to use Glass to gather data about people and activities and analyze that data to create a better user experience.

For instance, Google plans on showing people their favorite activities, the times they are at home and the times that they are in social situations.

Google will also use Glass as a personal assistant and as a way to provide personalized notifications.6.

Google is also going to make Glass more wearable and flexible.

Glass will feature a variety of sensors that can be attached to the device.

Google says that Glass is “designed to be more flexible” and that the sensors will allow Glass to be worn over a wrist, over the ears or on its forehead.7.

Glass is currently available only in a number that can’t be bought separately.

Google released a list of the first 10,000 Glass users who have bought a Glass headset and have used it to get their first glimpse of Glass.

Google expects to ship Glass to the first batch of users in October, and the first Glass headset will be available in October.8.

Glass has a battery life of four hours.

However, the device will be waterproof and the batteries are waterproof to 10 feet, which means Glass will last for a long time.9.

Google and other companies are developing Glass-enabled cameras for use with Google Glass, including for augmented reality.

The company says that it is also working on developing a new smartwatch that uses Google Glass for its main functionality.

Google already has a smartwatch called Project Glass that is designed to give users an in-depth virtual reality experience.10.

Glass could be useful for medical research, such as in the field of vision and tracking.

For these purposes, Glass could provide a new way for people to get a better understanding of their surroundings and the conditions that they might be experiencing.

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