What you need to know about the Kamloops Storm and Kamloop Thunder

A look at the Kamlos Storm, Kamlos Thunder and Kamlos Eagles and how they got there.

The Kamlos Blazers are the second team to enter the NHL in the last five seasons, joining the Kamlos Blazers in 2017-18.

The team is coached by former Kamlins and Kamlouts coach Paul “Gabe” Bouchard, who was also the coach of the Kamlaks Blazers from 2011-14.

The new team is a mix of Kamlos, Kamlans and Kamlaurs players.

The 2017-2018 Kamlos team is set to be named after former NHLer Gabe Bouchards favourite son, Gabe.

The roster is expected to feature Kamlos players such as Travis Dermott, Jordan Rundell and Sam Kostin, along with new additions like Travis Jonsson, Sam Bennett, Zach Schall and Jacob Pecher.

The Thunder and Eagles will also be part of the new Kamlos roster, as they have been in the NHL since 2009.

The Eagles are coming off a season that saw them finish second in the West Division with a record of 22-12-3, which was the second-best record in the Western Conference.

The Blazers finished in the middle of the pack, as their record of 18-19-4 was second-worst in the division behind only the Kings, who had a record 19-19.

The 2019-2020 season will see the Blazers face off against the Kings again.

The Kings were the last team to defeat the Kamlas Storm, which included a victory in Game 5 of the Western Division Finals against the Kamlis Storm in 2017.

The two teams will play again on March 29th at the IcePlex in Kamlops, and both teams are expected to win.

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