What to know about Mizzou footballs controversial QB Matt Mauck

ESPN.com reporter Josh Rosen tweeted that Mauck had not been interviewed by the Mizzowas investigators.

The report did not detail how Mauck was interviewed.

Mauck has been suspended indefinitely by Mizzōs coaching staff.

The investigation was launched in February 2018, according to Mizzo s report.

Mizzovs report said Mauck and another player were involved in an altercation at the schools football facility and “began to assault another male.”

The report said one player had a knife, and the other player had what appeared to be a baseball bat.

Mascots and mascots were involved, the report said.

Moccasins, footballs and helmets were involved.

The players were charged with assault, a misdemeanor, and a felony count of battery, according the report.

The schools principal, who is also Mauck s brother, has not responded to the report since it was posted on Monday.

The Mizzós report stated Mauck’s name was “not redacted or redacted by any party.”

The suspension was for five years.

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