UK Olympic athletes could be denied entry to Rio by Brazilian government

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

– Brazilian police are trying to prevent the UK Olympic Team from attending the Games in Rio de Decidcion, where they are expected to compete in athletics. 

On Friday, the Brazilian police arrested six Olympic athletes and two Olympic organisers in the wake of an investigation by Brazilian media into the alleged theft of thousands of euros from a local construction company. 

The Olympic athletes, who are from the UK and the US, are accused of receiving money illegally from the construction company, Rio Rio de Novato.

The UK has been asked by the Brazilian government to provide the athletes with a hotel for their stay in the host city of the Games. 

According to the Brazilian state news agency, the Rio Rio-Varela, the athletes have been refused entry to the city of Rio de Junio, which is near the Olympic village of Guanabara Bay. 

Brazilian police are also reportedly investigating allegations that the athletes had been using illegal social media platforms to promote themselves, and that their activities could be perceived as illegal. 

“We cannot allow any of our athletes to come to Rio de Decemberidcions to compete,” Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff said in a statement on Friday, adding that her government would not allow the UK team to participate in the Games and “will work against all those who take advantage of our Olympic Games”. 

According the Rio de Augima state news service, Rio police arrested the Olympic athletes on Saturday. 

A UK spokesman said the Olympic delegation was “deeply concerned” by the allegations, and the UK Embassy in Brazil said it was working closely with the Brazilian authorities. 

More to follow. 

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