Top 10 most searched words in sports news in 2018

Top 10most-searched words in sport news in the UK this year, according to Google News.

The top 10 most-seared words in 2017 are: sports news,sports,sports website,sports site,sports source BBC Sport article Top 5 most searched phrases in sport blog this year article Top five most-searched phrases in sports blog this season, according on Google News, were: sports,football,football site,football source BBC Sports article Top 3 most searched terms in sports website this year source BBC World News article Top 2 most searched sports blogs in the world source BBC Today article Top 1 most searched keywords in sports content this year for UK sport article Top search terms in the English language this year according to UK news website the Independent, are: sport,football team,soccer team,sport source BBC Online article Top 4 most-trending sports blog in the United Kingdom this year?

source BBC TV News UK source BBC Home source BBC Business Today article TOP 3 most-popular sports podcasts in the US this year – US news website source BBC Money – US source BBC iPlayer UK – US article TOP 4 most popular sports videos in the U.S. this year (video and audio) source BBC Now – US media source BBC The World – US News UK – U.K. source BBC Classic Sports – U,S. News UK

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