The perfect way to catch the game’s biggest moments with a live feed

The ultimate sports viewing experience is about to become even more complete thanks to the new sports app for smartphones and tablets.

The sport app for iPhone and Android devices is launching with a big feature addition for this year, according to a post on Microsoft’s website.

It’s a live stream for every game in your favourite sport.

You can catch it on your phone or tablet, and then share it to your friends.

With the app, you can also access the live feeds for every match on the website, with a simple tap.

The app also includes access to a number of other features.

Watch your favourite sporting event live from the comfort of your own home, including replays, live scores and game stats.

You’ll also get access to the latest scores from your friends on Facebook and Twitter, as well as live scores from the AFL, NRL and the AFLW.

And, the app is getting the live feed for every team.

It’s the best way to follow all the action on the pitch and to see what’s happening in the stands.

You will also be able to browse through the sport feed on your smartphone, and watch all the games on your mobile device.

You can now stream the full schedule of all your matches, including highlights, for free with the app.

There is also a ‘sports’ tab in the app that lets you see live match coverage from all your favourite sports, with access to stats, stats and analysis.

“The app is the perfect way for you to get the game on and off your phone and tablet,” Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, Kevin Pomeranz, wrote on the app’s official blog.

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