The NBA’s new owners will be the NBAPA, not the players union

In what may be the biggest change in sports in decades, the NBA and the players association are set to merge into one entity to help resolve disputes over player-coach salaries and other issues.

The owners of the Philadelphia 76ers announced on Thursday that they will form the new league and team, the Philadelphia National Basketball Association (PNBA).

They will join the NBA, which is currently run by the Players Association of America (PA), and will become the first NBA franchise to be run by its parent.

The new league will have its own league office in New York and will include a national office for its national team.

“This is an historic moment for the NBA,” PNB President David Stern said in a statement.

“As a league, we will play our part in this change, as well as the new owners who are poised to lead it, to create a stronger and more cohesive league in America.

This is a time for the fans to rejoice and celebrate, but also to celebrate that our players will play for us and to show the world that they are the best in the business.”

The PNB is a consortium of nine sports leagues representing more than 200,000 athletes.

The six-member league consists of the NBA (the league’s current owners) and the PNB.

Players in the PNBA will not be paid a salary in perpetuity.

In a move that could be controversial, Stern said he will not give the PNBA the ability to use its own logo and name, even though he said it is an appropriate name for a professional league.

The league will still be known as the Philadelphia NBA.

“I will not use the name Philadelphia NBA, even if it makes sense to do so,” Stern said.

“We’re a league of over 50 teams, and we’re going to play by the rules that have been established for all of our leagues.

Stern added that he was not considering changing the name of the league because it would “disrespect” his union.

NBA players have long complained about the way the league operates, but the union has been less vocal on player-friendly rules than many other professional sports leagues.

Last week, Stern and other owners in the NBA began negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement.

The owners have been working to hammer out a new deal with the players for the last few months.

The league has not yet made a decision on whether it will have a new name, but Stern said that the union was willing to talk to any new names and said it would not be a problem if Stern and the owners changed the name.

The PNBA and the NBA have long battled over player salaries, and Stern said last week that the league’s owners were considering cutting player salaries to make up for the new salary cap.

Stern said in March that the owners were discussing ways to address player salaries in the current CBA.

But the league and the PA, which has represented players since 1988, have been in constant negotiations over player salary and wages.

The PNB and the union have been negotiating to raise salaries to $10 million a year and $15 million a season.

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