Sports media news: ESPN’s ‘Super Bowl’ has ‘slightly negative’ outlook on Narendra Modi’s government

Sports media outlet ESPN, which owns and operates the “SportsCenter” on cable networks like ESPN2, is reporting that “Super Bowl” will be the worst ratings show for the new government, which will be inaugurated on Sunday.

The report is in stark contrast to what it had previously reported about ratings for the 2014-15 Super Bowl in New York, which was “mixed,” the report said.

It added that the ratings of the show on Sunday will be “slightly worse than that of the 2014 Super Bowl.”

The report came after ESPN CEO John Skipper said in March that the network is “very excited” about the election of the Bharatiya Janata Party government, but that he is “not going to say much about what is going to happen in India, what is expected to happen or how the government is going a different direction.”

“There will be a lot of talk about ‘SuperBowl’ being the worst show of the year, and then there will be talk about how it will be bad for the BJP and the BJP-led government, and how the BJP is going down,” Skipper told The Associated Press.

“But the fact is, this year’s ‘Bharatiya SuperBowl,’ which was the lowest-rated Super Bowl ever, was the first to be broadcast on ESPN since the election, and it was the second-lowest-rated of the season.

The first was the ‘Bowl of Thrones,’ which is a very good show.

This is the second Super Bowl.

The ratings have been pretty good.”

ESPN had previously released a poll in January that indicated that viewership for “SuperBath” on ESPN2 was at a 30-year low, and had said that “there is a good chance that viewership could go down further” in the months ahead.

ESPN reported last week that viewership has been at the “mid-teens” since the season opener.

The network has not reported any viewership decline in the previous three months, and “Superbowl” is averaging more than 1.5 million viewers.

The show has been canceled several times in the past.

In January, a poll conducted by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research said that viewership had declined 10 percent since November 2015, and the ratings for “Bowl Game Night” had declined 13 percent in the same time frame.

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