RTE’s Billiards: The Final Call – Round Four

RTE is celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Final Table and we are excited to be able to bring you a round-by-round analysis of the show, featuring a look at what’s been the highlight of the series so far.

The Final Tables have never been more live, and it’s only fitting that the series will return for its 12th season on RTE. 

RTE’s final report on the series can be seen below, and we will also be bringing you more of the coverage throughout the show’s 12th year.

In our round-up of the 10 Best Final Tables of all time, we take a look back at the show and its history. 

The Final Table is back in action in its 12 years with the 10 Final Table winners and we take the opportunity to examine the shows strengths and weaknesses.

We also look at how the show has impacted the sport. 

Check out the final round of The First Five Tables from The Final tables. 


The Great Final Table 2.

The First Final Table 3.

The Second Final Table 4.

The Third Final Table 5.

The Fourth Final Table 6.

The Fifth Final Table 7.

The Sixth Final Table 8.

The Seventh Final Table 9.

The Eighth Final Table 10.

The Ninth Final Table

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