NFL’s new medical marijuana policy would be the first in NFL history

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to announce Tuesday that the league will allow players to possess and grow marijuana.

The league announced that it would begin permitting marijuana use by the team captains, trainers, coaches, and others in January 2019.

The policy is expected in a letter to the players that is expected on Tuesday.

The letter will include a timetable to start issuing the permits for recreational marijuana use.

Players have until Feb. 18 to obtain permits.

The NFL has been a leader in legalizing marijuana, and several teams, including the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, and Pittsburgh Steelers, have made changes in recent years to allow marijuana use during training camps and games.

The New England Patriots are among the teams that have announced they will allow marijuana in the locker room, but the league did not say whether the players would be allowed to smoke in the stadium.

The commissioner also announced Tuesday that he would propose to Congress a “medical marijuana policy” that will allow people with certain medical conditions to use marijuana in private and at home.

The medical marijuana issue will be a hot topic in the next several months as more states legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

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