New report reveals corruption allegations against NCR state governor

New report released by the House of Representatives on Tuesday revealed allegations of graft, corruption and abuse of power in the NCR Assembly.

The report was released on the eve of the NCRM Congress convention that has been held in the capital in the backdrop of protests against NCRM government.

The House committee has recommended that the NCRC state government be removed from office by a referendum.NCRM’s Rajeev Kumar, who heads the party’s state unit, has been accused of corruption and dereliction of duty in the state government.

The committee has also recommended that his name be removed as the governor.

The NCRC has been under scrutiny after the state’s top court had questioned its decision to remove the NCRB chief, former state chief minister and NCRM leader Dibrugarh MP Ram Nath Singh, from office on Tuesday after the Delhi High Court issued an order to revoke the appointment.

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