Mercury News sports team named to new Mercury Sports Group

A new Mercury News Sports team has been named to the new Mercury Group sports portfolio.

The Mercury Sports group will continue to be owned and operated by The Associated Press through 2024.

The new MercurySports group will be led by the president and CEO of The Associated States of America and the managing editor of The Mercury News, Gary Miller, in addition to the Associated Press Sports Editors.

In addition, Miller will become the managing partner of MercurySports, a sports marketing and media development company that will work with Mercury to further the APS mission and its editorial priorities.

Miller joined The Associated states of America in July 2016 and will serve as the APs president and chief executive officer until the end of 2021.

He will serve in that role until a successor is named.

The Associated states are AP’s global affiliates.

The Mercury Sports groups will include three sports, including The Associated Sports Media, The Associated News and The Associated Newspapers.

Miller said the Mercury Sports portfolio will also include a sports television network, and he said that the group will work closely with APS and the Associated States.

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