Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Durant are going big on college hoops.

Big news: The NBA All-Star team has named Kyrie Anthony as its 2020 MVP, while LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose are all on the ballot.

The list includes a handful of notable names, including Duke’s Jayson Tatum, Michigan’s Jabari Parker, Syracuse’s Bam Adebayo and Oregon’s Aaron Gordon.

The first ballot, which will be released in February, will feature the next crop of All-Stars.

(And, yes, the first ballot is not a list of winners.

The league has been very clear that players on the first team are not the best players in the world, and they’re just going to vote for their team’s best player.)

The next round of voting will be held in March.

All of the winners will be announced in May. 

The list of the 2020 All-NBA teams has not yet been released.

We will update this post if and when it is.

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