I Can’t Believe That I Can See All the Teams That Play ESPN Warriors in this ESPN Sports newsletter

Sports writers at ESPN have a pretty good idea of how to cover a sport.

In the case of the NBA, that knowledge is more than just a passing glance, and ESPN Sports Warriors’ writers have a lot of insight into the NBA.

Their cover story on Warriors’ point guard Stephen Curry and his new jersey will go live at 4:30 p.m.


Here are five things to know about the Warriors.1.

Curry’s new jersey is a little bit bigger than his old one.

Curry was wearing a red jersey with the word “SCHEDULE” on the back for the Warriors last season.

The Warriors’ new jersey, which is now outfitted with the same words, is a bit bigger.2.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr said his team has been looking to go big for some time.

He said they “are going to have a big-name jersey, and a lot more people are going to see it than what we’re used to.”3.

Curry and Durant will wear No. 13.

The first-year point guard wore No. 8 in college, but the Warriors decided to change their jersey number.

They wore it as an experiment, but now it is their new number.4.

Curry will wear a blue, white, and gold number.

Curry has worn No. 17 on his jersey since the NBA lockout.5.

Warriors will wear white and red on their uniforms, as well as white and green on the court.7.

The logo on the jersey has been changed to a star, which will be a familiar color for fans.

The Warriors’ current jerseys have a star on the front.

The new jersey has a star in the middle of the back.8.

Curry is getting a new jersey.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob tweeted this photo of Curry wearing the new jersey in November:7:11 a.m.: The new Warriors jersey is ready to go on the streets.

Curry had already received a few messages about the jersey from fans, but it wasn’t until a few hours before the Warriors played the Los Angeles Lakers that it was announced.9.

The Golden State Warriors will be wearing their new uniforms this season.

Fans will be able to pick up their new jerseys online beginning this week.10.

This jersey will be the Warriors’ most famous, and it will be on display in the Warriors arena for the first time.

There will be no way to purchase it until 2020.11.

The jerseys will be worn in a similar fashion to the Warriors jerseys worn last season, but this one is smaller.12.

Curry was on a plane when he wore the new number, but he flew home in time to have the new uniform released by Nike.13.

Curry said it took a few days to get used to wearing the number.

He was actually at a friend’s house when he got the new one.14.

Curry, Durant, and Harrison Barnes are all going to wear No 17 on their jerseys, but Curry will be carrying the number from now on.

He will wear the number with his name on the sleeve of his new white jersey.15.

The No. 7 jersey is worn by all the Warriors players except for Curry, Barnes, and Draymond Green.

The number will be changed to No. 12 this season, the same number used by the Warriors during the lockout.16.

Curry wears a different jersey than he wore during the 2012-13 season, when he played for the Denver Nuggets.

He has a white, gold, and red jersey.17.

Curry wore the number “SATURDAY” on his new No. 16 jersey during the Warriors playoff run.

Curry won the MVP in 2012 and will wear it on the new Warriors uniform this season as well.18.

Curry scored 31 points on Saturday against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and he added 16 rebounds.

He scored 21 points in the first quarter against the Atlanta Hawks.

He finished with 19 points in Game 3 against the Los Angels Lakers on Sunday.19.

Curry may have lost his cool with some fans during Game 4 of the Warriors series with the Los Angelas Lakers, but there are plenty of Warriors fans that love him for his team and attitude.20.

Curry can’t have a different number this season than last season when he was wearing the No. 5 jersey.

He wore a number of different numbers in his NBA career, including the No 10 jersey and the No 12 jersey, as the Warriors were in the midst of a losing streak.21.

There was some debate over whether or not the No 7 jersey was a No. 6 jersey.

The uniform has been retired for this season in honor of the former point guard.22.

It is expected that Curry will continue to wear his jersey during this season’s postseason.

He did not wear the No 15 jersey during last year’s series against the Cleveland Cavaliers.23.

This is the first year

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