How to win in the NCAA tournament, according to ESPN’s NCAA tournament odds

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The NCAA Tournament is on the horizon.

The odds are against Ohio State (7/1) and Villanova (8/2), but these teams have the talent to win the tournament.

Here’s how ESPN’s tournament odds stack up against them: Ohio State: The Buckeyes could make history as the first team to win at least eight straight Big Ten tournaments.

Ohio State has the best record in the country, with a 31-7 record in Big Ten tournament games this season.

The Buckeye’s defense has been a strength all season, allowing just one 100-point game.

Villanova: The Wildcats could be the best team in the Big East this year.

Villanueva leads the Big Ten in scoring at 12.1 points per game and ranks second in assists.

Villalobos’ offense has been excellent this season, scoring at an average of 24.3 points per contest.

This could be a tough matchup for the Wildcats, who are coming off a loss to a top-five team.

Kentucky: The Blue Devils have been a team that has improved each of the last two seasons.

Kentucky has a top 10 offense, averaging 24.4 points per conference game.

Kentucky also leads the conference in scoring.

Indiana: The Hoosiers are the defending national champion and have a top five offense.

They are the top scoring team in college basketball.

Purdue: The Boilermakers have one of the best defenses in college football, allowing only 27.4 per contest this season — third-best in the league.

Purdue is also No. 1 in the conference, allowing an average margin of victory of just 3.5 points per possession.

Kentucky is the No. 6 seed in the first round, but it will likely be an uphill battle for Kentucky to advance to the Elite Eight.

Arizona: The Sun Devils have struggled to keep pace with the Pac-12 in recent seasons.

Arizona’s offense has struggled to match up with the best teams in the nation.

The Sun Devil has been anemic offensively this season with a 38.7 field goal percentage, tied for the worst mark in the Pac 12.

Arizona is currently No. 4 in the AP poll.

Washington: The Huskies have one top-10 scorer and one top 10 scorer and a top six defense.

But the Huskies defense has allowed an average field goal of just 21.3 percent and a .914 field goal conversion percentage.

The Husky offense has averaged 27.5 ppg, and the Husky defense has averaged 22.5 defensive rebounds per game.

Arizona has a tough stretch coming up, but this is an excellent team to watch in the second round.

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