How to win at the 2016 Olympics

I will tell you this, the Olympics are the greatest sports event of all time.

It is one of the great sporting achievements of our time.

This event has given us unprecedented opportunities for athletes and for people to work together, learn from each other, share experiences and build a better world.

This is a time when our sport can be celebrated, celebrated and enjoyed by millions of people.

It’s a time of universal unity and a time where we are all stronger together.

And this is what I am most proud of.

As I walked across the final bridge of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Stadium, my thoughts were with the athletes and their families who were separated by the tragedy of the death of their loved ones.

They were my family, and it’s a great honour to stand here with them.

There was sadness and pain on all sides of the tragedy.

But the Olympics offer us a moment of unity, a moment where people are united and a place to share a celebration of sports, culture and a chance to all of us to work harder to achieve the great things that we all strive for.

That’s why I’ve been so privileged to be part of the Games.

The Games are a great opportunity for the athletes to be out in front of the cameras, in front a live audience, and to be a part of a global community that has rallied around them.

I’ve watched the Olympic Games and the way in which people have been able to connect, and the sense of belonging that I’ve seen through the Games, is so powerful.

That is something I am truly grateful for, and I’m looking forward to seeing the athletes compete in Rio again next summer.

We need to do better for athletes.

And for those of us who care about sports, the Games are an opportunity to really put ourselves out there and show what our sport is capable of, and show that we’re going to do our best to build a world that is fair and equitable.

I know that we’ve been doing a great job of raising the profile of sport and our sport in general over the last few years.

And I’m confident that this year will be even better, and that we will see even more of the Olympics come to fruition.

I will continue to be an advocate for the Olympic Movement, and this year we’ll be watching with even greater interest what is coming up.

I’m also going to be looking forward next year to seeing how we can bring more attention to the Paralympics, where there are so many athletes who are fighting for the right to compete, who have earned that right.

But at the same time, I’m excited about the next Olympic Games, and we’re ready to put in a great performance for them, which will be the biggest in history.

The Olympic Games are one of those great sporting events where the people in front can see the spectacle, but the athletes can still compete.

They can also share stories, and they can be part to the community, and their contribution to the greater good.

And that’s why, as I look forward to the Games in 2024, I am so confident in what we can achieve for the people of Rio.

We have already put the Games on the agenda, and as the IOC president, I know the Games will be a major milestone in the history of our sport.

It will mark the beginning of the next 100 years of Olympic and Paralympic sport.

That was my first year in charge, and you all know how important it is to us that the Games continue to grow and thrive in our country.

But it’s also the beginning for the next generation.

And we can look forward and believe in the future.

It really is the Olympics for everyone.

The 2016 Olympics will be held on July 6 in Brazil, the home of the Summer Games.

Rio de Janiero, the city where I live, will host the Olympics in 2024.

The city that was once the scene of a brutal massacre in 1932, now has an Olympic Games.

I want to thank all of you who have supported me during this very difficult time.

I hope you will be watching my speech tonight and joining me as I walk through the city, as we begin the Games of the 2020 Olympic and the 2024 Paralympican Games.

For more information on the Games and our work on the Rio Agenda, visit or contact the Rio Campaign on 1300 756 994.

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