How to Watch the World Cup of Hockey in 3D (3D version)

Posted October 11, 2018 09:29:03With the 2018 World Cup in the books, NHL fans are beginning to feel a little nostalgic for their beloved hockey franchise.

While the World Series is a whole other ballgame, the 2018 Winter Olympics are set to kick off in Sochi, Russia, on December 6, and hockey fans around the world are excited to see what the sport will bring to their homes.

To find out how to watch the World Hockey Championship in 3DS, head over to IGN’s 3D Hockey 3D guide and check out the 3D version.

This 3D mode features 3D models of every player, goal and goal-scorers from every World Cup match.

While most of the models are recognizable from previous seasons, the 3DS version adds in a brand new variety of players and even the iconic “Vegas Anthem” from the tournament.

It also includes a new scoring system and some exciting new visuals that make the experience even more immersive.

You can download the 3DRL 3D World Cup 3D model viewer here.

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