How to play ‘Star Wars’ online

When you’re looking for the perfect way to play the latest ‘Star War’ game, this guide is for you.

1 / 4 Star Wars: The Force Awakens, ‘Star Trek’ video game Star Wars’ Star Wars ‘Star Fleet Battles’ video games were the game of choice for a lot of people back in the ’90s, but the series has since fallen into a bit of a shadow of its former self.

This year, that changed with the release of Star Wars Battlefront, a new expansion to the classic game.

Here’s what you need to know about how to play Star Wars in Battlefront.

Star Wars game fans need to watch out for the ‘Battle of Endor’ story that will change the way the game is played.

2 / 4 ‘Star Battles’ is a new game mode in ‘Star Battle’ mode, in which players can battle their friends in multiplayer mode.

The first time you play this mode, you can customize your character, customize your weapons and armor, and even add some new abilities.

3 / 4 You can also join a group of friends and battle together, using the PlayStation VR Aim controller.

This is the first time the PSVR Aim has been used in the Battlefront game.

4 / 4 The new ‘Star Card’ system lets players collect and equip new characters and gear from other players.

This lets you take your favorite Star Wars characters and characters from other Star Wars games, or customize your own.

5 / 4 Players can customize their weapons with upgrades, such as having the best damage, range, and health, or the best accuracy.

6 / 4 This is one of the first multiplayer Battlefront games to support multiple teams of up to three players, though you can play as up to four players.

7 / 4 If you’re a fan of the ‘Star Destroyer’ ship from ‘Star Blazers,’ you’ll be excited to see it in ‘Battlefront.’

8 / 4 In this multiplayer mode, players can use a grappling hook to grab other players and throw them to the ground.

You can use this to push your characters to the top of the arena.

9 / 4 “Battlefront” mode has a few new things going on, too.

First, you’ll need to complete missions for your squad to earn extra rewards.

This includes a variety of vehicles, weapons, and armor sets.

You’ll also have to help your squad with some objectives, such to help them win a match.

10 / 4 Once you have completed a mission, you’re awarded with your own ‘Battle Star.’

This is a weapon that you can use to destroy other players or destroy enemy vehicles.

11 / 4 There are also two ‘Duel’ modes that let players battle other players in this mode.

One of these is the ‘Kylo’ duel mode, where you can take out opponents using a variety on-screen dice.

The other is the Kylo vs. The Empire duel mode where players will have to take out an opposing squad of Imperial soldiers with the Force.

12 / 4 First-person shooting games have always been popular with video game fans.

‘Star Warriors’ is the latest entry in this genre, with a first-person shooter that takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

You play as a warrior from a different universe, fighting against the forces of the Dark Side.

This game is free to play, and there’s even a story mode.

Here are the game’s main features.


‘Kyon vs. the Empire’ game mode In this mode you play as the Dark Knight, a character who is tasked with stopping the Dark Empire from conquering the galaxy.

You will use a variety out of the traditional Star Wars arsenal of weapons and abilities, and you can even use your lightsaber to destroy opponents with your Force abilities.


‘Darth Maul vs. Dark Jedi’ game map In this map mode, two characters fight against each other, and it’s up to you to take down one of them first.

You may choose to attack from the air, or from a distance.


‘Hobbit vs. Sith’ game modes In these three game modes, you fight against one another in a different galaxy.

In each of the game modes you will be able to use some of your favorite toys and gadgets from the ‘Fantastic Four’ movies.


‘Space Knight vs. Jedi’ map mode In these two game modes there’s a variety, and your choice will have a significant impact on the outcome of the match.

You have to use the Force and your gadgets to destroy enemy spacecraft.


‘Han vs. Darth Vader’ game battle mode The main battle mode of the new ‘Han’ vs. ‘Vader’ game is called ‘Han versus Vader’ mode.

In this match, you will have the choice of either using the power of the Force or your own lightsaber to fight against the other player.

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