How to beat The Rock on WWE Raw

The Rock has been one of the most consistent stars in WWE since becoming a member of the company in 2014.

While he has battled through some injuries and was forced to retire from the business in early 2017, he continues to perform on WWE main roster shows, including a pair of WWE Pay-Per-View events this summer.

Now that WWE has given him his long-awaited return, we take a look at how to beat him on Raw.1.

Stay away from the Shield 2.

Get into the ring with The Rock 3.

Get The Rock’s face on the camera 4.

Get his face on your favorite WWE video game5.

Go to WWE Pay Per View7.

Get your face on WWE’s most popular social media platformsThe Rock has become one of WWE’s greatest stars since joining the company as a member.

While his career in the WWE has been short-lived, the WWE legend is still very much a part of the WWE family.

Whether he’s hosting a pay-per-view event or hosting a WWE Payback special, The Rock is a fixture on WWE television.

WWE is known for bringing out The Rock in his signature outfits and suits, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for his signature ring gear.

If you’re looking for the next big thing in wrestling, there’s no better time than now to start looking for it.

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