How the Penguins made the playoffs

The Pittsburgh Penguins made it to the playoffs for the second consecutive season.

The Penguins beat the Detroit Red Wings 3-2 in Game 7 to win the Stanley Cup.

Here are some things to know about the Penguins playoff run:1.

How did the Penguins win?1.1 The Penguins were a good team in their first-round series with the Detroit Wings.

The team got a big break when center Sidney Crosby suffered a concussion in the third period.

The Pens then played in the Stanley Trophy final, and Crosby scored the winner.

Pittsburgh had some good players on the roster, but none of them were a Stanley Cup-winning player.

The biggest reason for the Penguins success in the first round was that Crosby played in all 82 games.

The rest of the roster had some really good players, but only Crosby had a big impact in the series.2.

How do the Penguins compare to the rest of their Stanley Cup Champions?2.1 Crosby had just been traded to the New York Rangers on Feb. 3, but he helped the Penguins get to the Eastern Conference Final.

In Game 7, Crosby scored his second of the playoffs, as the Penguins got the overtime victory.

Crosby was playing well at that point.

But he missed the playoffs again with a concussion.

In fact, the Penguins only won Game 7 of the Eastern Final because of Crosby’s injury.3.

What were the Penguins top offensive weapons?3.1 Penguins captain Sidney Crosby was the top scorer in the playoffs.

The Red Wings had four players in the top 10, but Crosby was one of them.

He scored six goals and had a team-leading 13 assists.

He also had a goal and two assists in the final game.4.

What did the Pens best players do in the postseason?4.1 Sidney Crosby led the Penguins with nine goals, while Steven Stamkos had eight goals and 17 points.

He was also named the Eastern and Western Conference Offensive Player of the Week for Game 6.

The Penguins were led by defenseman Kris Letang (14 points) and forward Phil Kessel (11 points).5.

How important was the playoff run for Pittsburgh?5.1 Pittsburgh had to win Game 7 in the conference finals because the Red Wings won the conference.

The teams played three games in the Eastern Conferences.

Pittsburgh won both games in a row, so Pittsburgh didn’t need to play a series to make it to that point of the conference championship.5.2 Pittsburgh was able to win in three of the first four games in this series.

Pittsburgh was one goal behind the Red Wing team.

The goal difference was 4.5 in the three games.

That gave the Penguins a chance to win three of four games to make the finals.6.

How many goals did Pittsburgh score in the playoff series?6.1 It was a tough series for Pittsburgh, but it didn’t matter.

Pittsburgh scored a total of 19 goals.

The other team had eight.7.

How close was Pittsburgh to winning the Stanley Cascades?7.1 After three games, the Red Stars won Game 5 to advance to the Stanley Final.

The series was tied 2-2.

The Flyers lost Game 6 in overtime to the Penguins.

Pittsburgh had a 2-1 lead in the second game.

In the third game, the Flyers scored three unanswered goals in overtime.

Pittsburgh got the last three goals of the game to advance.

The Flyers won Game 4.

But the Penguins lost Game 7.7

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