How the NHL’s new television deal will affect you and the rest of the country

There’s a lot to be said about how the NHL is going to change its business model.

The league is expected to sell some of its broadcast rights to NBC, a deal that would give NBC a larger share of hockey broadcasts and, potentially, a more profitable relationship.

In return, the league has agreed to pay a big premium to its local broadcast rights.

That could mean an extra $1.8 billion in revenue for NBC over the next five years, according to a study by the independent research firm Grant Thornton.

And it’s all in the name of expanding the league’s reach in the U.S. That’s not good news for hockey fans in North America, but it’s good news in the rest, too.

The deal could also open up new opportunities for the NHL and its players, like in-person games, which the league was reluctant to explore as it tried to get around the ratings challenges of cable.

And it’s a win-win for fans and sports leagues around the world.

The NHL is expected in the coming months to launch new video-on-demand options for its players.

And the NHL will also have access to new content through the new rights agreement, which would make the league more attractive to young, premium-priced customers.

That would be a big boon for young, popular sports leagues like the NBA and NHL, which are struggling financially.

But while the deal may be good for the league, it’s also bad for fans.

This deal was supposed to create new revenue streams for the leagues TV networks, and for the players.

Instead, the revenue stream will go to the NHL Players’ Association, which will end up paying a small portion of the league to get its way in negotiations with NBC and other TV networks.

That deal is going nowhere, but there’s a precedent for it.

In 2009, the NHL agreed to sell its broadcast spectrum for a smaller amount of money than its current deal, which was a similar deal.

That led to a similar situation in which the players are getting less money from the league.

The result: The league’s TV ratings dropped.

That happened because the players didn’t get a fair share of the pie, and that led to fewer and fewer players signing with other leagues, and less and less fans tuning into the game.

In the end, the players got a deal they could afford to keep, but that’s not a great outcome for the fans.

It’s unclear whether the players will go along with it.

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