How does your city compare to other cities in the US?

Now Playing: New York’s Mayor calls for more funding for the NYPD and other law enforcement agenciesNow Playing: US Supreme Court rules that gay couples have the right to marryNow Playing, Trump: ‘We’ll do our job.’

Now Playing, Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Trump’s immigration banNow Playing!

How did President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump become so close?

Now Playing – Who is the most popular president in America?

Now Listening: What does it take to be a great musician?

Now Read: How did Trump get himself into a traffic jam in New York City?

Now Watch: New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie has a message for TrumpNow Playing Trump: There is no way I’m going to stop now that we’ve wonNow Playing President Trump says there will be no ‘birther’ attacks against himNow Playing Who is a better friend than a good neighbor?

Now Listen: How the Trump administration’s health care push will impact youNow Playing What if the federal government doesn’t help the elderly?

Now Play: How to deal with the ‘bargaining chip’ that’s slowing down the economyNow Playing How can you tell when someone is lying?

NowWatch: Who’s going to get the job done when it comes to the opioid crisis?

Now WATCH: Why a woman from the West Virginia state called for President Trump to resign?

Now What: What is the best way to protect your property?

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