How do I add my blog to Google News?

How do you add your blog to the Google News app?

Google has been working on adding new blogs to its news app, and now it has announced that you can now add a new blog.

Google News has been updated to show up as a ‘top blog’ in Google News, along with your other blogs.

It’s not a completely new feature, but it means you can easily add your own blog to add a bit of extra content to the app.

The blog should show up in the list of new blog entries, so you can browse it by category or by subject.

Google has also made some tweaks to the ‘look and feel’ of Google News.

In a recent blog post, it said: “We have listened to feedback on the new look and feel of Google news.

The result is that Google News now looks and feels like it is for the people.”

It’s a good step forward for Google’s new approach to the way that it presents its content, and it’s a welcome change for readers.

You can still read Google News through the search engine.

The new blog entry will be automatically added to the news list when you go to a new page on the news app.

What you need to know about: how to add your first blog to your Google News account.

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