Gator Nation reacts to Lacrosse’s move to ESPN’s ‘Thursday Night Football’

The University of Florida has announced the firing of coach Ron Fogg for failing to live up to expectations during the school’s NCAA Tournament run in 2018.

Florida said Tuesday that Fogg had resigned and will not coach for the Gator Men’s Basketball program.

Fogg’s dismissal was first reported by USA Today and confirmed by multiple media outlets.

Gator Nation, which has been vocal in its criticism of Fogg since he left, released a statement Tuesday night calling for Fogg to be reinstated.

“We are disappointed in the NCAA and the decision made in its current form, but we are not surprised,” GatorNation’s chief executive officer Mark Coughlin said.

“We are encouraged that the NCAA has finally taken this seriously.

Florida will play in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday.”

Fogg has been a key member of our football program since joining the Gators in 2003, and we will miss him as much as any other Gator fan.”

Florida will play in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday.

Fog will return to his role with the Gated community after serving as an assistant coach at South Florida from 2005-07.

The Gator program announced Tuesday that it had hired Fogg as its interim coach.

Fergs departure was first announced in a news release from the school.

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