Aromas of the New England Patriots – 2017 NFL season

By Bryan BedderPublished Apr 25, 2018 07:09:18The NFL’s New England Super Bowl 50 team may have had a lot of players who didn’t play, but the team did have plenty of fans who made their feelings known in a way that would only benefit the team.

In the opening moments of their first game of the season, the New Orleans Saints scored on their opening possession to beat the Carolina Panthers 33-27 on Sunday.

With just one possession remaining in the game, New Orleans had two onside kicks and the Saints had already converted a two-point conversion on a fourth down play.

New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees had to be moved from his starting spot to his bench, and the team was left in the red zone.

New England led 28-0 after the first quarter.

However, the Saints would not allow that lead to end, and a touchdown pass to wide receiver Brandon Coleman sealed the win.

The Patriots will host the New York Jets on Sunday for their second game of a four-game homestand.

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