Arizona Cardinals’ Mike Iupati says ‘it would have been cool to have been drafted’

Mike Iupsa, the Arizona Cardinals quarterback who led the Cardinals to a Super Bowl championship last year, was asked if he ever thought he would be drafted to the NFL, to which he responded, “No.

No, not really.

It would have were cool to be drafted.

I mean, there’s no question.

I was a kid that grew up watching them on TV.

I played on the team for a few years, but I think I was just lucky to be picked up by them at the time.

I remember that one day we had a practice, and we got a call from the team’s scouts.

And it was like, ‘Hey, are you the guy we drafted?’

And I was like—you’re the guy they drafted.

That’s when I realized that they were looking for me.

I still think that.

I don’t know if I ever thought I would be a professional athlete.”

“I was a small kid growing up watching the Cardinals and thinking, ‘Man, I would have loved to be a quarterback.

That would have had a lot to do with my life.’

But I just wanted to be happy and just enjoy life, and the rest is history.

And that’s all that matters.”

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