Aktueell Sport: Kaspersky Lab’s ‘zero day’ bug will cost it $8.5m

Aktuell Sport has been given a three-year extension to keep its main security research firm working in its UK office, despite the UK government’s decision to end the company’s contract.

The decision, which was announced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Skills on Tuesday, also gives the firm’s UK headquarters more time to prepare for the end of its contract.

Kaspersky has been the subject of two separate investigations by the UK’s Security and Counter-Terrorism Command (SCTC) since 2015, and in April 2016 the former head of the company was sentenced to two years in prison for running a hacking ring.

The extension for Aktues Sport, which focuses on the exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities in products and services, follows a separate extension for the company, which also worked on a bug for the Blackberry phone maker.

The two companies are now separate entities.

In a statement, the Ministry said: “The decision to terminate the Aktuers Sport contract was taken following a thorough assessment of the organisation’s risk management and cybersecurity capabilities.”

Aktueels Sport, founded in 1998, has a global staff of nearly 100 people and is one of the largest software development companies in the world.

The firm’s chief executive, Thomas Koval, told Reuters that the extension was “a step in the right direction”.

Koval said the firm will now focus on the work of its UK team and is confident that it will remain viable for the foreseeable future.

Koval, who joined the firm in 2001, said the decision to extend the contract would be made in line with the firm ‘s strategy of focusing on risk management, cyber security and innovation.

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